Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Lyme disease is primarily known for the way you get it… typically a tiny bite from a tick. It’s also well known for the effects it has on the human body. In order to identify the infection and treat the symptoms, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the disease. For example, Lyme disease…

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Finding a Lyme Disease Specialist

You’ve been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Now what? It can be overwhelming to find a qualified professional who can help bring your body back into balance. With so many options today if can be hard to choose. But choosing a specialist is not about how pretty their office is or their hours of service. What’s…

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Lyme Disease and Treatment

Should you seek a Lyme Disease Specialist? You are feeling fatigued, experiencing a lagging overall achiness, heart palpitations, poor sleep and brain fog, yet you pay a visit to your doctor who says you do not have Lyme Disease, so no need to test any further. Maybe you have a firm diagnosis but you do…

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