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When Nobody Understands Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Many times, fibromyalgia has been lingering for months or even years before a diagnosis. The amplified and often chronic pain and fatigue can lead to depression and anxiety as well as sleep disorders due to debilitating symptoms. Many times, these individuals are labeled as complainers or lazy, but this is only due to not being understood. Do you feel exhausted and achy all over yet it never goes away? Although it is not curable, people who suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms may find relief through a natural approach.

Are the symptoms of fibromyalgia always the same?

In addition to well-known symptoms that are widespread and include specific areas of tenderness, some sufferers can experience TMJ (temporomandibular joint) symptoms, headaches, a curtailed cognitive function and even cramping in the lower abdomen. All the symptoms of fibromyalgia can lead the individual to an exhausted state. So, it becomes challenging to manage these symptoms and the consequence becomes a compromised quality of life.

Can a diet for fibromyalgia help relieve the symptoms?

With a tailored diet for fibromyalgia combines with an individualized supplementation regimen, it is possible to reach a level of comfort, allowing someone to carry on with their daily tasks and pleasures. For instance, caffeine and gluten often need to be avoided and collagen ( is a great add-in nutrient to help rebuild the tissues. In addition, the consumption of good quality fats is regarded as very helpful, whereas sugars are detrimental.

Are symptoms of fibromyalgia that simple to manage?

Although there is no specific diet that can be successfully applied to all individuals who suffer from symptoms of fibromyalgia, there are steps everyone can take to achieve better balance. Avoiding processed foods that are usually high in sugars and trans fats might be a great place to start. Also, minimizing artificial sweeteners, gluten, coffee and nightshade plants usually helps to a great extent.
It is important to realize that having well balanced eating habits will not only help achieve a more manageable state but it will also assist the individual in shedding extra pounds which, in turn, will alleviate pressure on their joints. The end result becomes a more rested and less depressed being. Rest assured, there is always hope. Call to set your appointment, as our approach is very unique.