How to Keep Financial Stress from Affecting Your Health

Financial issues are overwhelming at times, to the point where they can start to affect your health. The impact of stress on your health may end up being something that grows into a major health concern. To combat financial worry, planning and taking steps to enjoy life will have you worrying less and smiling more often.

Budget and Let it Go 

Most people with financial strain already know about budgets, but maybe avoiding them.  Some use them only to recalculate where to put a bill or move expenses around when there isn’t enough income. To have less concern over finances, set a budget for the week or month and then let it go. Look at it only when needed and then focus on other things that are in your control.


Setting a few goals to work toward new financial milestones can help ease day-to-day stress. Look over the goals once a day to stay on track. Small goals are great to boost confidence on a weekly basis. One less coffee or trip out to eat may seem small, but it can add up in the long-term. Think about the next step to reaching those bigger goals, rather than focusing on the success at the end.

Plan for Fun 

A balanced lifestyle requires some respite. Relaxing with friends, day trips, or more time with family can relieve worries. Laughter is a great way to release the mind from focusing on finances and work. When you are tight on money, it is hard to plan for fun. Look into free or inexpensive things to do in your local area. You might be surprised at what is available.

Natural Health Answers for Financial Anxiety 

A natural way to take your mind off of financial stress is exercise. There is also meditation, yoga, and outdoor activities. Healthy activities and mindful eating are great natural health habits to promote in yourself and others. Activity partners will allow for you to be social while thinking less about financial stressors. You also might want to meditate on why you are spending. Are you spending because it is necessary, or because you are covering up an unpleasant emotion? You might want to talk to someone about that if it is the latter.

Good Sleep Habits 

Sleeping well is easier said than done with financial issues. A great way to promote healthy rest in yourself is to disconnect from electronics a few hours prior to going to sleep. Read a book, take a walk, talk to a friend or play a board game to enjoy your personal time. Taking time to relax the mind and get it away from tension is a good habit for increasing healthy habits.

Financial obligations are a part of life for just about every adult. How you deal with these stressors is ultimately what leads to daily happiness and overall health. A healthy lifestyle includes physical and mental preparation for the things that are uncomfortable and may cause you to have fears or anxious thoughts. Learning and practicing good coping skills will help relieve some daily tension so you can focus on the things that matter. If you are struggling with financial anxiety, Dr. Absi may be able to help. She is trained in holistic psychology and is skilled in helping people cope with just such situations.