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We don’t treat, diagnose or cure. We help you take responsibility to treat yourself. Diagnosis is a label, we look for the symptoms and the cause of that energy loss. This is how we are able to give your body the support it needs to cure itself.

About Me

Dinah Absi  is a Certified Natural Health Professional specializing in bioenergetic assessment techniques to determine the nutritional support that the individual would benefit from most. Dr. Absi is not a licensed medical doctor. She earned her American Boards Certification as a Naturopathic Doctor, therefore her main focus is to find the root cause and help correcting it rather than treating disease. She assists your system in using the healing power of nature that is intended for you. Due to years of suffering from intestinal ailments, Dr. Absi became a digestive health specialist which means that through a very precise technique, she can offer you natural solutions. Her unique back ground as a dentist combined with her knowledge in naturopathics allow her to find body imbalances that might otherwise go unnoticed.

My story of living with Crohn’s Disease:

There I was, a 16-year-old teenager who lived a normal life. Every morning before school, figure skating, every afternoon playing the piano and later at 7 PM figure skating practice again. Over the weekend, hanging out with friends and family was just a given. One summer day, I felt like knives had stabbed my abdomen and I ended at the hospital. I was in such agony that I kept begging the ER doctor to give me pain medications but unfortunately, it was normal procedure to wait until they had a diagnosis. The only recommendation I was given was to eat a high fiber diet and “everything will be fine.” I started eating a healthy version of high fiber cereal and taking a bunch of laxatives. This was my new lifestyle for a couple of months. By then, many foods bothered me to the point of completely avoiding them. I went about my life eating very few things and the pain never left me for a full day. Fast-forward to 2004 when I suffered from severe pain again and ended up seeing a GI specialist. After numerous tests, I was labeled with Crohn’s Disease. I had learned about it in college but I never ever thought I would have it. In spite of this whole havoc. A voice in me called out: “All I have to do is eat whatever makes it feel better.” Needless to say, I was so wrong! This was only the beginning of my life with Crohn’s. Countless hours of agony, sometimes leading to days and weeks of lying in bed, wondering what will happen next. Literally at death’s door, I suffered from what felt like the worst symptoms anyone could possibly have to endure when living with Crohn’s.

You see, Crohn’s exhibits serious discomforts through four common patterns:

  1. Inflammation with pain and tenderness in the right lower part of the abdominal cavity.
  2. Recurrent acute intestinal obstructions that bring on deeply painful spasms of the intestinal wall, swelling of the abdomen, persistent diarrhea and vomiting.
  3. Inflammation and chronic partial intestinal obstruction causing subtle but serious malnutrition and chronic debility. At times, constipation.
  4. Abdominal fistulas with many pockets filled with pus and infection. These produce fever, painful masses in the abdomen, and severe weight loss.

The worst part of the deal is when you get several symptoms at a time and you can only get one or two hours of sleep at a time. To make things worse, my iron levels were so low that I needed a blood transfusion. I was so dehydrated that I couldn’t even hold down a piece of ice.

Through my illness, I met some extraordinary people who inspired me in an unexplainable way. In spite of all the ups and downs, every single path was and continues to be a blessing.

My difficult journey has set me on a course of recovery that I am very grateful to God for. Now, it is my turn to help as many individuals as possible realize that there is hope and that our body is divinely designed to heal itself when given the right tools.

Dr. Dinah Absi

Naturopathic Doctor

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