I have been seeing Dr. Dinah since April of 2017 for an acid reflux problem I have had since 2015. I have been back and forth with Doctors, have gotten multiple tests, endoscopies, food journals, you name it, I’ve done it. It wasn’t until April that my life changed after seeking care with Dr. Dinah. I never imagined that my acid reflux would go away. In fact, I had already gotten used to the idea that this would be a problem I’d have for the rest of my life. I had been told by many friends to seek an ND but I found difficulty in finding the right one for me because I wasn’t finding a solution and had almost given up. This however all changed when I encountered Dr. Dinah. As of April, (now being June), I have not had any problems with my acid reflux. She not only has sat down with me and thoroughly examined me but she has listened to all my concerns in depth, has taken the time to make a plan for me and closely observed my changes. She has stayed in touch with me after every visit and is unique in caring for her patients. This is one of the many resolved issues I have encountered since seeking Dr. Dinah. The best thing is, she has allowed me to live healthier, live better and as a result, I have been feeling great both emotionally and physically. Let her be the next naturopath you seek to alter your health! The best is placing your health in Dr. Dinah’s hands.

-Ana C.


With no small challenge in her hands, Dinah fought day after day to rebuild herself, despite many setbacks that could have caused anyone else to lose hope.  Ever faithful and strong, she remained focused on her health, and her studies of what she knew might one day help restore her own body and then maybe others’. There is no doubt in my mind that whatever challenge any one of her clients may face, Dinah will do everything she can to get to the bottom of it — using her incredible dedication, intelligence, and focus —  and find a way to help people in whatever way is humanly possible.

-Valerie S.


Dr.Absi has been a trusted naturopathic advisor and devoted friend for 4 years.  She takes a holistic alternative approach with a dedication to resolving the source of your ailments, not just a symptomatic resolution.  She is meticulous with her work & her approach.  Her bedside manner is efficient & thorough.  I have children with a complicated medical history of anaphylactic food allergies, respiratory allergies & asthma.  I myself have a rare, genetic neurological diagnosis with a multi-system involvement.  Dr.Absi is always a pleasure to work with.

- Joanna C. , MSPT (Master of Science in Physical Therapy)


If you are tired of taking medications or have a condition that has been termed “something that just happens and is acceptable” then you need to see Dr. Absi.  I was ready to have my health and understanding taken to a higher level and Dr. Absi was there for me!  She is an experienced and caring professional you will want to see.  Her expertise in digestive health is a true “10”!

-Donna G.


I have known Dinah for many, many years.  Beside her love for God and her total obedience to his Holy will, three qualities define Dinah’s person: Kind, patient and mostly passionate about helping others. For the past several years, her time has been dedicated to the study, the understanding and the mastering of the benefits of natural remedies. The outcome is either maintaining a healthy body or supporting the body back to balance rather than having to live miserably. Her journey with Crohn’s disease and the excruciating pain she went through prompted her to focus her studies on the digestive system.  Research has shown that many conditions are linked to an unhealthy and out of balance gut. I can assure you that Dinah is driven by one purpose only:  her unshaken conviction that God’s will for her is to use her own suffering and personal experience as well as the extensive knowledge that she has acquired during her studies to assist other people in achieving long term healing and a healthy lifestyle. With Dinah, I have no doubt that you will be in good hands.



In the ten-plus years that I’ve known Dinah, I have been amazed by her ability to exhibit and extend grace even under the most trying of circumstances. She possesses a warmth, charm and gentle self-assuredness that make her easy to talk to and easy to trust. Her compassion is remarkable, her integrity is unwavering and her willingness to listen, learn, teach, and grow is inspiring. Dinah is natural nurturer. Her selflessness and genuine concern for the well being of others make her a perfect fit for the career path that she has chosen. She has a sincere desire to make people’s lives better and will go above and beyond to help those who entrust their healing to her. There are very few people that I would trust my health and the health of my family to Dr. Absi is one of those people.

- Rhonda Freeman-Baraka, Writer/Director